Our Story

Maaike Charron and Jason Holley met in a community clay studio overlooking the ocean.  While they both work in clay, they have very different approaches to the medium.  Jason is experimental, constantly playing with new ideas while trying to focus on his main body of work, ceramic chain sculpture.  

Maaike is an incredibly skilled potter. Focused on the potter’s wheel, she can throw a new form with the same apparent ease as her most popular mugs. 

In 2012, Maaike had her first solo gallery exhibit, A Library of Teacups, an installation of over 400 one of a kind mugs – a mug for every book she owned. The process of making such a wide variety of pieces, experimenting with so many clay techniques and glazes, inspired the idea of offering custom ceramics.

After years of working separately, they carefully started working together on a few projects.  Since then they have been delighted to discover a complementary skillset, and play off each other effortlessly. 

In 2017, they pooled their skills and knowledge and started working towards CUP Studios. In 2019, they happened across a beautiful heritage building for sale in Twillingate and moved in that fall. There they produce their own collections of handmade pottery and art, while designing and crafting custom pieces for others.